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  • Reigate Deanery is the largest of the 26 deaneries in the Diocese of Southwark and one of three in the Archdeaconry of Reigate (the other two being Caterham and Godstone). It contains 23 parishes who together currently contribute in excess of £1.3 million of the £16 million which is contributed to the diocesan budget.

    The Synod meets three times a year in different churches around the Deanery. Each church is represented by their clergy and lay representatives. The number of lay people that can represent a parish depends on the size of the electoral roll. The current membership is around 120 although attendance at meetings is usually around 60.

    The programme for the evening often includes a visiting speaker on a subject of current interest, an opportunity for “Parishes to share” news etc as well as a formal business agenda which may include reports from Diocesan and General Synods and other bodies on which the Deanery is represented.

    The representatives on the Deanery Synod elect those who serve on the Diocesan and General Synods.


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